Tahiti Pehrson

02. March 2013 Escaping, Images 0
Tahiti Pehrson, originally uploaded by Rich in Orderly Manor. My friend is a genius sometimes. Also the coolest bloke you could run in to or live round the corner from.

ys with us

15. November 2006 Images 0
Jo’s new record came out today. its beautiful thing to hear. She puts us all to shame. in the best possible way. and the cover’s not bad too. Been doing a lot of design work for musical friends etc recently – but this one was about as intense as you can get. Jo and i ...

what is progress?

30. March 2006 Images 1
i’ve made some progress on packaging. i think Tahiti, he of amazing cut out art and woefully underappreciated tunes should do this. I had all these ideas of intricate psychedelic spiralling interwoven glory with a screen printed spectrum of colour and i ended up with a white stripe. brilliant. But anyway, one step closer to ...

Cover idea

08. February 2006 Images 0
Knocked this idea up while mastering. Stamps and a spray can should see this come to light. Or something like it. Simple. I like simple. Droney music demands droney grafix. This is the first thing that popped in there so this will likely never see the light of day… but then sometimes first ideas stick ...