Some new music

18. January 2012 Recording, Writing 0
Here’s a new place where i’m storing ideas and sketches that won’t fit in to Kings & Queens, Whatever’s Next or the Psychedelic Furs box. I’ll be constantly adding things here. Hope you enjoy. Bandcamp or Facebook

single progress

12. June 2011 Recording 0
Doing it, originally uploaded by Rich in Orderly Manor. Tracking for Lonely in Love by Rachel and Love Blind by Micayla for a split Fannan Grace single. Day one: Drums, Bass, Guitar and Vocals. Not too shabby. Despite the lo-fi set up of Orderly Manor we have ears and it sounds amazing…

sound mind

10. June 2011 Recording 0
sound mind, originally uploaded by Rich in Orderly Manor. Setting up the Manor for some recording with Rachel and Micayla this weekend. Good vibes.

Day 3: El Paso

21. April 2011 Recording, Touring 0
waiting, originally uploaded by Rich in Orderly Manor. The weather here is so different to the eastern edge of the state – delicious desert breeze!!! The 101 Club out in the west texas town of El Paso, is a cavern of reflective sound. Its like adding a few more delay pedals and a reverb tank ...

Rehearse this

17. April 2011 Playing, Recording 3
reflecto, originally uploaded by Rich in Orderly Manor. Day one yields a bag of songs, some humidty, Thai food and a bar painted all white. Hello Austin.

Day Sixteen: London

  THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS HMV FORUM.28.10.2010, originally uploaded by wheelzwheeler. London: Awoke in a car park behind the Forum. Grey, cold, damp. But London. I’ve been looking forward to London for a while. A homecoming of sorts. The pressure is on. But today is not only the show for me; first i get to walk ...

Day Thirteen: Manchester (Off)

6am, originally uploaded by Rich in Orderly Manor. A new song taking shape in the hotel room. A beautiful day. Cold as hell but clear and sharp and blue. A quick pint for Erika’s birthday and we’re on the bus to Manchester. Yogi gives me his ipod and i’m listening to the Beatles and getting ...

Day 34: San Antonio, TX (off)

Bit of a restless bus sleep; burning smells causing stops, rain, waking up with the laptop on top of me, more stops etc… Its good to get to a hotel by 11am. Back in San Antonio after 13 years. I left this place in a bit of a mess last time. Its a great little ...

Day 18. Minneapolis, MN

12. June 2010 Recording, Touring 0
1st Avenue. Seems like lots of small world coincidences attached to this venue today. Last time i was here was with the Pleased in 2005. We played the 7th St. Entry with The Shore. The Shins and Calexico were playing 1st Avenue that night and i had a quick chat with James Mercer outside. He ...

Jet in Carina

12. May 2010 Recording 0
Our new album is now available seemingly everywhere. You might like it. On this very site for physical CD purchase (how quaint): At these reputable online stores for digital download: iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Insound, Rhapsody, Napster, Lala etc…