Goodbye to you (for now)

26. September 2013 Playing, Touring, Writing 0
The last four months were fantastic for me. Favourite tour so far i believe. But then i always say that. As usual that’s all down to you fine people who visit with us each night, Soap Commercial being in the set and to those talented strangelings i wander the world with. Love you each and ...


30. May 2013 Playing, Writing 1
Picker, originally uploaded by Rich in Orderly Manor. Those glowing picks were great but they got slippery the more you played… Switched to Tortex and worked up a new design. Quite enamoured with them. Oh, and Soap Commercial. I’ve been waiting for that one forever…

Day 7: Free

07. January 2013 Writing 0
Is it finished? Apt. And for the most part; yes. Day seven was very limited on time. And then a rock song was born. I don’t know if i ever wrote a truly rocking rock song. Perhaps once..? perhaps my first ever song counts: New Motivation it was called… I should dig that out. Or ...

Day 5:

05. January 2013 Writing 0
I had a nasty dream about a aeroplane crash. It actually happened for once… But then i wrote a soul song with a Santana guitar break. I really can’t sing soul but you know… i got roots too.

Day 4: Song Four. It’s in the Room

04. January 2013 Writing 0
Getting free-er in this cave… Today was a crash of fuzzed triphop to paranoia dreamhome heartache. I think three episodes of Twin Peaks last night had something to do with it. Perhaps this is possible without just treading the mundane? Each day another layer of expectation is shed and takes away that restriction… by sunday ...

Day 3. Song Three

04. January 2013 Writing 0
Disaster strikes. Somehow my well intended soul-searching Peter Green traditional moment transforms to The worst of the Eagles before i can save the sinking ship. Head above water though; its good to sink as it is to soar. Its out, its gone. Onward and upward a lilting two chord gallohallow will serve as today’s token ...