Marvin cures all

30. November 2005 Recording 1
Today is strictly vocal. No muscial accompanyment recorded today (aside from a little bouzouki from Jack). So I was spent standing in the dimly lit studio in front of this microphone trying to conjure up some magic from the past, some moment that sparked each song or line. According to Dana (and i am relieved ...

microphonic workout

29. November 2005 Recording 1
I was awake at 5am half dreaming of some kind of bank robbery and half concious thinking of lyrics and whether to track down some kind of clay pipes to use instead of flute. I hate laying awake at that time of the morning. My back is out. Anyway, it was also snowing this morning, ...

A desert retreat

24. November 2005 Escaping 1
We went to the desert yesterday. Out through the trees to the bright, barren Nevada desert. Simon was there with us taking some pictures. These pictures here are some roughs he took with my digital camera – for the real glory of film go here and refresh to see more.

A week on/off

22. November 2005 Writing 0
I just need to forget everything and get on with it. I have a few songs with incomplete lyrics; holes if you will. I am attempting to find some time to finish these things off. the Problem is, of course, that all the best lines, songs, words come from that moment when it just pops ...

Day7. All in favour

16. November 2005 Recording 0
Unexpected day back in Brighton Sound with Dana today. Managed to crow bar it into the deeply disturbing schedule of work. Threw a few guitaros in the car and we got a few things done: feedback etc… on the Theme, picking guitar on the untitled song (confessed again) along with a few layers of droning ...

Just Nothing

13. November 2005 Escaping 0
A week in the studio left me ready for this. Nothing nothing nothing. Now i’m ready to go back. Thank you sierra november glory. Andi is really sleeping.

Day6. Marching song

12. November 2005 Recording 2
I’ll finish this more later but just so you know Saturday consisted of an hour of guitar on Colder before switching to vocal mics and many peoples. We capture Lee, Andi and myself on Sign of life and everyone on what is currently called King’s Theme. Everyone means – andi, ro, ski, dana, lee and ...

Day5. another world

11. November 2005 Recording 2
a word about the situation we’re in here. i am living in another world. i think its good to put yourself in alien environments when recording. frees you up to focus only on what you are doing. new distractions yes, but not the day to day distractions of work, the fridge, tv, no tv, answering ...

Day4. The noise.

11. November 2005 Recording 0
So it comes down to this guitar and this amp. today we got in early for some hooking up of boxes, equipments and morning star links… no coffee, just links. Andi was messing around with the Vox Jaguar and dana was in tech support hell earlier so we get running around noon. Four main things ...

Day 3. b a s s

11. November 2005 Recording 0
Quick one about yesterday: bass on 4 tracks: coming apart, kings, scorched sea and rain(scrapped – and replaced with Farfisa bass by Dana). that’s it really. Andi came down and we discovered mexcan food in Sacramento. just can’t muster it up today…