Back at home

26. December 2005 Escaping 0
we are in Twentynine Palms once again. One day we’ll never leave… Noah is house sitting. good job sir.

Orderly Manor

16. December 2005 Recording 2
A mobile session from Dana meant we were recording at Orderly Manor yesterday. He came to the cave armed with some fancy equipment, nice microphones and the usual calm disposition. Today was a mildly distracted day, Mr. Mark Snegg dropped in with carrots, parental interaction was on, and the home itself can sometimes be a ...

Easy Listening

10. December 2005 Recording 1
Things are begining to sound how they should. Yesterday we got back down to Brighton Sound and fired up the mics for a day of vocal harmony and some rough mixing. I think we’re ready to put a clip up here soon. Stay tuned. No sign of the studio mouse today.

It's all over so fast.

01. December 2005 Recording 0
Have no time right now but here’s how we are doing – all lead vocals complete aside from 2 songs – there may be some edits. A load of backing vocals done by Andi and Dana. It’s all sounding wonderful. Yes yes. Back in next friday, mixing in January at the Hangar. Can’t thank my ...