Back again

31. January 2006 Recording 0
Back to the Hangar in a minute… We have 4 songs to complete and 2 to remix if possible. Things sometimes change over night and what you thought was ‘it’ was not it but something very close to it. Spent the wee hours last night adding some stuff to “the Dream Ends in Fury” but ...


24. January 2006 Escaping 0
i’m itching to get back into the hangar now. we are so close to being done but i have one remix and 4 tunes still to be mixed… i wish we had a week to do this… but now i just want these tapes full of good sounding stuff. time to get the band back ...

Bleary eyed wonder

21. January 2006 Recording 0
We mixed for something like 18 hours yesterday. Til almost 6am. It was brutal and our ears were blacking out but we got very cclose to completion at the Hangar. 9 songs down. I think it sounds great but to be honest i may not be able to listen to these tunes for a while. ...

slow motion

20. January 2006 Recording 0
So the end of 14 and half hours in the studio leaves us totally set up and with 3 songs complete. The difficult-lots-of-guitar-organs-etc… ones: Fire Escape, A Heart’s Ease and SLow Motion. The Pete tunes actually. Tomorrow we have 11 songs to do. Sounds daunting, is daunting and it may or may not happen. But ...

We are in it.

19. January 2006 Recording 0
Quick post. we are on second mix of the day. Hopefully we’ll hit 5 today but its late already. We had some loss of tracks at one point which required some nifty redos by the dream team (andi, dana = incredible vocal peoples) but we’re still going strong. More later. internet not in the room.


19. January 2006 Recording 2
I wonder if its a good sign that a pattern of bad humour has already set in. We haven’t even reached the Hangar yet but the by-product of many hours of repetion listening has taken its toll at an early stage. None of this should be funny but in the later hours, with only energy ...

the last minute

18. January 2006 Escaping 0
Getting ready for a final check on things tonight and then mixing tomorrow at the Hangar. Drop by for cocktails… (scroll down here to see Dana’s name and then see who’s above. Warms the cockles of me heart.)

almost there

12. January 2006 Recording 1
Now we are close. So close. Finally its sounding how I imagined. Brighton sound gave birth to two new bass tracks (All in Favour and Colder retakes to get better tone) and a whole load of editing and pre-mix preparation; making deciscions on vocal takes, organ parts, guitar takes etc… We still have a few ...

Its the Final countdown

11. January 2006 Recording 0
Everything is just about ready. Emily got started early this morning. Misty morning in Nevada City. She insists that she’s barely played a note for years but its hard to believe. We now have a haunting (yes, it sounds pretentious to say) cello melody on Confessed Again. When she first started playing the part that ...

Crave sound.

11. January 2006 Recording 0
The manor was humming with combo organs today. Andi put down All in Favour on the Hammond, Coming Apart on the Yamaha yc-20 and Slow Motion on the Vox. Fine werk indeed. We rounded off the day with ‘Munich’ – grisly Spielberg.