Mastered the puppet

27. February 2006 Uncategorized 0
i am the eternal revisionist. Dana and I spent all day mastering on Saturday and I think we are ‘there’. We now have two sets of mastered music. We are listening; in cars, in rooms, on headphones, on mountains – all that kind of thing. I may have heard this music too much. Dana says ...

glue gun violence

22. February 2006 Playing 0
just beginning to mess around really. Got a rubber stamp and some cardboard sleeves. oh and rollers (they didn’t work), acrylic paint (not doing it) and spray cans (not right yet but will be cool) – and a glue gun.

18. February 2006 Escaping 0
A comfortably surreal day including some LA breakfast with Dave and some time with Laurel at capitol records. we’d met briefly a couple times back at Pleased shows and so this time it was at her place in the big round building. Some complete poser in a shiny new haircut escorted us to the elevator ...

driving far too long

17. February 2006 Playing 0
we’re in LA. We drove for amny hours for to get here. we went to Hanks with Dave and Michelle and talked ghost stories. Fine company, fine atmosphere (Neil Diamond blasted way too loud) and a fine evening. I forgot my camera so this’ll have to do.

Once again, again.

08. February 2006 Uncategorized 0
Didn’t quite make it today. Mastering was cool til we hit some glitch noise stuff from when we fed the tape back into the dread slow-tools. So… it’ll be a bit longer. In the meantime i just want to write new stuff and forget about whether the guitars are too bright or the organ is ...

Cover idea

08. February 2006 Images 0
Knocked this idea up while mastering. Stamps and a spray can should see this come to light. Or something like it. Simple. I like simple. Droney music demands droney grafix. This is the first thing that popped in there so this will likely never see the light of day… but then sometimes first ideas stick ...


05. February 2006 Escaping 0
Settling into the new mixes. We are mastering on tuesday and that’s the way it is… Noah had a listen the other day and seemed to be relatively into it despite the lack of hairyness or fairyness. A good sign. Here’s some cool stuff from the studio. Love those old pieces of technology.

02. February 2006 Uncategorized 0
i just got very self concious about this whole thing. the songs, the playing, the name, the idea, the pictures… the songs. sometimes its bloody hell doing this stuff. why can’t i not give a shit. i don’t give a shit about some aspects of this but there is a base level of shit giving ...

the End, almost.

01. February 2006 Recording 0
i’m sitting here listening to Dana tweaking the drum sounds of our final track and it occurs to me that its all coming to an end. The process of recording has spanned many months, if not so many actual days, and aside from the inevitable self-doubting moments its been a beautiful thing. So now we’re ...