it's about time

28. April 2006 Escaping, Playing 0
ok. If i wait until this record is ready it’ll be forever so here’s an EP for collection right now… Please do enjoy. We’re off to desert to find some new tunes.

more —– equipment

27. April 2006 Playing 0
Our short lived equipment problems are over. The Vox came back to us yesterday and today we picked up a sweet new Wurlitzer from Julian (he of Legs on earth infamy). He’s a wonderfully strange man with a tripped out house museum full of incredible musical machines and other stuff. So that’s that. What else? ...


23. April 2006 Escaping 1
So we need to get hold of a new (old) Wurlitzer Electric Piano. You know the 200 model that sounds so warm and fuzzed out like this. Anyone with any clues as to location of such a device should let us know…  We just had a wild weekend including home-made jalapeno poppers.

some girls

23. April 2006 Uncategorized 0
we played a show and these wonderful ladies captured some moments: J | S | A Thank you San Francisco people and visitors again again. I think we’ll have an EP for sale this week or at least some news of more shows.

back again

21. April 2006 Playing 0
We just returned from our first show in SF at the Makeout Room. There were so many of our friends present that it couldn’t help but be a good time. Yes it was probably a mess and all that but thanks to the this fine lineup a huge amount of fun was had. Long drive ...

safety in numbers

13. April 2006 Playing 0
oh Jonathan, oh David… here’s our latest lineup getting busy. No less than one week in advance. So there will truly be a band at the makeout room next week. It may be temporary but these guys mean business – i mean, sushi and determination all at once. The sun arrived for a day too. ...

Nothing really.

10. April 2006 Uncategorized 0
i thought i should keep you all up to date but there’s not been much going on this last week. I’m grappling with a shifting line-up of peoples helping us get these tunes circulating as soundwaves in a room. The first few months of getting a band going is long and full of learning. I ...

Longing for sand and heat etc…

01. April 2006 Escaping 0
It’s been a year almost since Andi and I travelled to Twentynine Palms, CA in searhc of peace, quiet and some wide open spaces from which to lull some melodies. Its been snowing up here in the mountains and then raining. I am ok with it but today i stumbled on some old movies from ...