coming right along

27. June 2007 Recording 0
We’ve been in the studio about 3 days over 4 days. New songs are materializing out of thin air. Wednesday last week we spent an evening coaxing the magic out of David; he can play drums and loves Zidane; its a good match. His bass drum is huge and he don’t use rack tom. imagine ...

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20. June 2007 Recording 0
Magnolia, originally uploaded by Rich in Orderly Manor. today we begin recording 5 new tunes. So it’s Magnolias all round. The songs we are recording are: Like a Warning, Celebrate, See you in the Sky, Olbers’ Paradox and Just fields.


06. June 2007 Uncategorized 0
just completed a 15 minute drone-out for this cool art-audio project called Finetuned. Go check it out here; there’s a schedule in the player so you’ll see when we are on the horizon… We recorded another tune for this project but it got lost in the shuffle; if you’re reading this you might feel like ...