29. August 2007 Uncategorized 0
Aaron and the greatest show ever, originally uploaded by Rich in Orderly Manor. Last month we went to see Aaron play at the Miner’s Foundry. It was the show of the year for me. People need to hear this new record and that exact full band needs to go play it out. C’mon kids – ...

Life Without Buildings

15. August 2007 Escaping 0
One of my favourite bands ever just released a live record post-humously. I’m not usually gun-ho about forcing listening on people through a blog but this is truly a great band that no-one ever seems to have heard of. Seems like they won’t get back together but this live record sounds like it’ll be cool ...

Listening party

13. August 2007 Uncategorized 0
Listening party, originally uploaded by levink5. the other night we had Brendan and Kathy over… we’re listening to each other’s mixes. fine times.. Brendan plays in Dame Satan. Incredible band from SF.