Day 06. Baltimore (off)

31. May 2010 Escaping, Touring 0
Baltimore, originally uploaded by Rich in Orderly Manor. A day off yields the worlds longest-arriving breakfast at Shirley’s (it is memorial day), a dip in the pool, a viewing of Harry Brown (excellent, brutal) at the local cinema with Mars and Tim, and the arrival of Andi (minus luggage) at the airport. All in all ...

Day 04. Atlanta, GA

30. May 2010 Touring 1
The bus broke down an hour out of our Florida show. I thought it was a tire blow out but apparently it was broken fan. Slept a bit then woke up at 8 still an hour from the florida show. Another 7 hours to go! Credit to our driver Buddy who took care of business ...

Day 03. West Melbourne, FL

29. May 2010 Touring 0
Grey day wandering a parking lot… Levelz is a big club – great show with friendly, exuberant audience… These Floridians; they know what to do! Our first meeting with She Wants Revenge; seem like very nice guys – should be good to hang out with them for the next six weeks. Back on the road ...

Day 02. Orlando, FL

28. May 2010 Playing, Touring 0
First bus night was not the best rest but this view good to wake up to. It got better inside. This Hard Rock Hotel is pretty amazing really. I mean its built to look like Hotel California and it has all the rock memorabilia cheese but let’s face it, some Kiss boots and an Elvis ...

Day 01. Fort Lauderdale

26. May 2010 Touring 0
Buddy and our new Bus, originally uploaded by Rich in Orderly Manor. So here we are at the dawn of another Psychedelic Furs US tour. We’ve got new songs and different songs, even a cover song… I have a new guitar and might even introduce some new shoes; don’t worry the white sharks are still ...

shiny shiny

25. May 2010 Touring 0
shiny shiny, originally uploaded by Rich in Orderly Manor. We’re just about there. See you somewhere out there.


22. May 2010 Touring 0
Morning!, originally uploaded by Rich in Orderly Manor. out to rehearsal… this is good.

Another beginning

21. May 2010 Touring 0
Sacramento, originally uploaded by Rich in Orderly Manor. Made it this far. There’s not much vegetarian food in this joint but there are garlic fries. Bye California.