Day 18. Minneapolis, MN

12. June 2010 Recording, Touring 0

1st Avenue. Seems like lots of small world coincidences attached to this venue today. Last time i was here was with the Pleased in 2005. We played the 7th St. Entry with The Shore. The Shins and Calexico were playing 1st Avenue that night and i had a quick chat with James Mercer outside. He now plays with my good friends Dan Elkan and Jonathan Hischke (that’d be Jonathan from Kings & Queens) in his great new supergroup Broken Bells – currently riding high. I remember the Shins doing Purple Rain that night. Then i noticed on the door of 7th Street Entry that the band playing was named ‘The Book of Right On’ – on of Joanna’s songs from her first record.


Anyway anyway… 1-1 England and USA. Pathetic. I decided to try watching the game in an irish bar across the street. When England scored a few minutes in; I yelled out, a chinese guy clapped, and a the Americans stared. Watched the rest of the match in the relative safety of the bus.

1st Ave is a good sounding club and we were sold out again! Great crowd that appeared unconcerned with the anglo-american tension from earlier. Early show had us all done by 10ish (some dance club happens on a saturday night. Wound down with some Thai food and an excellent documentary about Anita O’Day and the car chase from Bullitt.

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