Day 31: Anaheim, CA

25. June 2010 Playing, Touring 0

LA traffic. I can’t really handle it. Our car is here and so I drove Andi, Mars and Paul to The Grove in Anaheim. Took hours! Then the bus went back to hotel to get R, T and A at rush hour! More hours. So soundcheck was quick and cheerful – we ran through So Run Down for fun and ended up doing it at the show. Love that tune.

Great food here today. Touring can be hard on the stomach, especially for us vegetarians, but the food here on the west coast is really good fresh stuff. Actual fresh arugula. Oh, carrot cake. Take note other major US cities! Andi and I took a walk and got the car stationed at the hotel. She’s heading home in the morning and we’re heading out east for the last five dates. Sigh. Not really sure if i’m coming or going anymore. Actually, we’re just going now. Worn out but completely at home with the bus drives, the odd sleep patterns, the noise, the constant company, the meeting peoples, the tour catchphrases and jokes are firmly in place; I could keep going forever or stop tomorrow. As it is it’ll be a week from today. Wish i’d got more things done; wanted to write some new music, get deeper on this dang blog, maybe some sketching – somehow if you’re not playing music the time gets eaten up by day to day activities and some hefty waiting around. Maybe I will prevail in the last week.

The Grove was another great one despite some microphone problems for me; i can’t really distinguish anymore – the band is hot so its really down to if the people are feeling it that night. We’re putting it out there every show. So Run Down was a fun addition and the encore is tailored to each audience. By the way; thanks for the furry bat whoever that was… I wondered if Richard might do an Ozzy with it but its not really his style.

More cousins in town tonight; got to show the baby cousins how it is to stand on the stage and they all left with set lists… Good to see some Furs fans born in the last ten years! Also met some more BurnedDownDays people here – nice folks all, and not a bit of nastiness about setlists! In fact quite the oppposite! 😉

Some deafening fireworks from the stadium next door and we’re back on the bus headed for Vegas. Bye for now…

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