Day 32: Las Vegas, NV

26. June 2010 Playing, Touring 0

This picture may look like the Furs went semi-wild in Vegas. Not exactly the case but Mick from the SWR crew did get us a few minutes at the top of THE Hotel for some Emmys party with his two actress friends. Free tequila, oxygen, and show biz people. Some of whom were very pleasant. It were a perfect Vegas moment.

US lost to Ghana in the world cup. I lost to Vegas by ordering a ten dollar can of Guinness.

Tonight’s show was early and seemed it. I had great sound but our poor audience was stuck behind a barrier and we’re literally ten feet below! Hard to really strike up the vibration between band and crowd in these situations, but i felt some good energy coming back and spoke to some people afterwards and they seemed rather happy about the whole thing so I think we did alright. She is Mine was the pick tonight.

Las Vegas baby. I just can’t get along with it. Off to Texas… Our bus driver Jerry has his work cut out…

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