Day 34: San Antonio, TX (off)

Bit of a restless bus sleep; burning smells causing stops, rain, waking up with the laptop on top of me, more stops etc… Its good to get to a hotel by 11am.

Back in San Antonio after 13 years. I left this place in a bit of a mess last time. Its a great little town though; especially for architecture. Lots of sun bleached turn of the century and deco stuff here. Our hotel the Emily Morgan is a beautiful example sitting next door to the Alamo. Haunted too so i hear. My eighth floor room is rather fancy and features a cricket under the pillow. Its a beautiful room though. I wander the Alamo and River walk briefly with Mars, get too hot and spend the rest of the day in the room trying to catch up with everything else in life. The TV is excited about Hurricane Alex. Paul and I brave the incredibly rain-loaded cloud formations to visit this vegetarian health restaurant named Greens in a vaguely dodgy part of town. Good food and company.

Getting all melancholy about the end of tour. Last week i was desperate to get home now I’m unsure i want this all to stop. Spent the rest of the night writing my first new song in a year and catching up with the internet… Garageband is a little miracle sometimes.

Sleeep then wake up sleeeeeep then wake up then sleeeeepppp forever.

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