Day Sixteen: London


THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS HMV FORUM.28.10.2010, originally uploaded by wheelzwheeler.

Awoke in a car park behind the Forum. Grey, cold, damp. But London. I’ve been looking forward to London for a while. A homecoming of sorts. The pressure is on. But today is not only the show for me; first i get to walk a few miles through the chilly streets down to Bloomsbury to see my folks. Dad had cancer treatment two days ago – he’s up and around and we’re down at the local pub for lunch; an actual tough guy. Thank god for Furs touring bringing me here right now! This year is full of punches but we’re still standing.

The Forum is a beautiful venue. I do believe i saw a few bands here back in the day… I believe the i saw Marillion here half my life ago when it was the Town & Country Club! Ow. Prog kid. Soundcheck is decent and the backstage is pretty fancy. I like this place. I have mum stand on the stage with me and check out the stage perspective; one of those moments… She get’s to meet Bob Dallas – now there’s an incredible dynamic.

Meet up with Paul and Neil at a pub down the road. Truly great to see old friends and catch up on life at home. London still feels like home no matter what.

The show is off the hook – people on both sides are happy and that’s what it’s all about. I get to hang out with a load of fine family, friends and Furs fans post-show and we shake off the exhaustion in to the wee hours. Thanks all.

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    D on November 15, 2010 Reply

    Well we got a London pic, that’s a start!!!

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