Day5. another world

11. November 2005 Recording 2
a word about the situation we’re in here. i am living in another world. i think its good to put yourself in alien environments when recording. frees you up to focus only on what you are doing. new distractions yes, but not the day to day distractions of work, the fridge, tv, no tv, answering ...

Day4. The noise.

11. November 2005 Recording 0
So it comes down to this guitar and this amp. today we got in early for some hooking up of boxes, equipments and morning star links… no coffee, just links. Andi was messing around with the Vox Jaguar and dana was in tech support hell earlier so we get running around noon. Four main things ...

Day 3. b a s s

11. November 2005 Recording 0
Quick one about yesterday: bass on 4 tracks: coming apart, kings, scorched sea and rain(scrapped – and replaced with Farfisa bass by Dana). that’s it really. Andi came down and we discovered mexcan food in Sacramento. just can’t muster it up today…

Day2. Caveman strikes back/Lists.

09. November 2005 Recording 1
i just don’t have the time for this. its a shame but the schedule is just meaning the only time i have to update this thing is when i wake up or am woken up at 6 by Gus the cat, Jack the little talking dude (we put stickers on our arms) or just by ...

DAY1. grabbing a tiny moment

08. November 2005 Recording 1
things have started. the last couple of days have been a little fuller than anticipated and there’s no way i can get it all in this post with any accuracy that would do all the events justice. so here’s the bullet point version that i’ll likely find a way of never updating: Sunday – running ...

a YC20

03. November 2005 Recording 0
this is a new keyboard that just arrived. I have been waiting longer than i expected due to the ebay guy mixing some stuff up and almost sending this to Saranac Lake NY or somewhere. its now in the manor looking a little worse for wear but hopefully sounding warm and fuzzy. Thought just occurred ...

kings theme

02. November 2005 Uncategorized 0
Orderly Manor just gave way to a new song tonight. it’s untitled and ragged and only has one chord but somehow manages to make me reconsider the direction of everything. i don’t care if it doesn’t sound good in the morning.

Reds and blues

24. October 2005 Playing 1
on friday night i found myself accidentally playing drums in a band. on stage. proper drum kit etc… this is not something that i would have done in my right mind but when handed a tambourine it seemed that less evil could occur with actual drums than with my ever-so-shakey-shaking action. Thanks to Radical Bros. ...

more more more

10. September 2005 Recording 0
today was good. good people. good sounds. good performances. good food, even. actually i may have to upgrade to great but i prefer the sound of good. I love this part of the recording process – everything is open right now and I get to sit around and listen to my favourite players doing what ...

Day01: Pete and heat.

21. August 2005 Recording 0
So it seems that the bull is being taken by the proverbials and these sketch tunes are being sent on their way to another level that involves real players doing wonderful things. i am spoilt by the generosity of people around me. Day 01 sees at at BrightonSound studio in Sacramento with the Dana producing ...