Day 7: Free

07. January 2013 Writing 0
Is it finished? Apt. And for the most part; yes. Day seven was very limited on time. And then a rock song was born. I don’t know if i ever wrote a truly rocking rock song. Perhaps once..? perhaps my first ever song counts: New Motivation it was called… I should dig that out. Or ...

Day 5:

05. January 2013 Writing 0
I had a nasty dream about a aeroplane crash. It actually happened for once… But then i wrote a soul song with a Santana guitar break. I really can’t sing soul but you know… i got roots too.

Day 4: Song Four. It’s in the Room

04. January 2013 Writing 0
Getting free-er in this cave… Today was a crash of fuzzed triphop to paranoia dreamhome heartache. I think three episodes of Twin Peaks last night had something to do with it. Perhaps this is possible without just treading the mundane? Each day another layer of expectation is shed and takes away that restriction… by sunday ...

Day 3. Song Three

04. January 2013 Writing 0
Disaster strikes. Somehow my well intended soul-searching Peter Green traditional moment transforms to The worst of the Eagles before i can save the sinking ship. Head above water though; its good to sink as it is to soar. Its out, its gone. Onward and upward a lilting two chord gallohallow will serve as today’s token ...

Day 2. Song two

03. January 2013 Writing 0
Of course. Song 2 was a good one for Blur. Perhaps it runs in the family cause song two was involved far less self loathing than song one. Still needs final lyrics and perhaps i could pimp the bass a bit further. Speaking of pimps. I ran in to these guys again last week. Love ...

Day 1. Song One

01. January 2013 Writing 0
Fail. That was my original post at midnight of day one. Turns out on day three, at breakfast, i realise there’s something to this song. It’ll be finished by end of week… Anyway, what are we doing here? Well, the Furs tour for new year was canceled. Its been a few years since i really ...

30. Dallas

12. December 2012 Uncategorized 0
GT, originally uploaded by Rich in Orderly Manor. Back in Texas for the last one. When i left for tour i lived down the road in Austin, now i live back in my beloved California in San Francisco. So one last hurrah with Texans, with exceptional Chevin and the divine My Jerusalem. And those radical ...

29. New Orleans, LA

04. November 2012 Uncategorized 0
Hurt, originally uploaded by Rich in Orderly Manor. I love New Orleans. It has its hooks in me and i still get that feeling i could live here for a little while. Tonight just sealed the deal again – the most noisy bunch of revelers i ever heard. There was also a fine Lemon ginger ...

28. Pensacola, FL

31. October 2012 Touring 0
1. My Jerusalem joined us today. Awesome band and fine people form the hometown of Austin; wish i’d known of them while i still lived there! 2. Not enough dressing up for Halloween in this town. I at least rolled out the ole racoon eyes. 3. The Chevin featured on ESPN2 today – opening credits ...