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Nothing can replace First Avenue but the State Theatre was actually a great sounding, beautiful room full of energetic Minnesotans. Not to mention we still got to sample the tater tots at the Depot. All is well. Psychedelic Furs at the State Theater 8/25/2015 http://www.startribune.com/the-church-psychedelic-furs-still-in-shape-for-the-state/322955341/ http://www.citypages.com/music/fan-smooching-psychedelic-furs-satisfy-at-the-state-7600899

Royal Oak, MI

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Love the RO theatre… Met some good people in Gusoline Alley round the corner. Also found a nice 1913 morning jacket in a local store. Done and done. Psychedelic Furs at The Royal Oak Music Theatre PHOTOS: Psychedelic Furs and the Church at Royal Oak Music Theatre

And again…

10. August 2015 Touring 2
As a welcome break from reality we’re out across the US with the Church this month. To commemorate i knocked this up in a green room:  

Last Two!

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We’re in to the last two dates and i’ve barely written a thing. I guess Facebook stole my journal which is rather depressing. Anyway, tonight is a second show with John’s new project Satellite Paradiso and so that’s going to be a lot of fun for everyone on and off stage! See you out there…

Goodbye to you (for now)

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The last four months were fantastic for me. Favourite tour so far i believe. But then i always say that. As usual that’s all down to you fine people who visit with us each night, Soap Commercial being in the set and to those talented strangelings i wander the world with. Love you each and ...


25. August 2013 Playing, Touring 0
IMG_4872, a photo by Rich in Orderly Manor on Flickr. Loved it tonight. + Some nice photography here too.